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Backed by Red Ventures, the media company that owns Elle UK, Cosmo’s Kitchen, and other influential lifestyle brands, Backpage is the digital lifestyle influencer’s answer to people looking for content on the topic of sex and dating. Launched in 2016, the site is already home to some of the most popular viral content creators in the world, including Rikk Waller, Tommy Sabet, and Kayla Moore. In early 2018, the site’s community members will get the chance to vote on new content creators to be featured on the platform; they will then have the opportunity to engage with the content creator through the site’s in-house messaging system.

A Digital Lifestyle Influencer Hub

What is a digital lifestyle influencer? Well, according to the Wikipedia entry, a “lifestyle influencer” is “someone who promotes and encourages people to adopt behaviors and activities that they practice.” In other words, digital lifestyle influencer promotes and encourages healthy living through their media platforms. While the field is still relatively new and doesn’t yet have a clear identity, it is a category that is bound to grow as a celebrity and digital marketing mix, creating more opportunities for smaller influencers who can connect with their audience and build a brand.

Red Ventures is certainly aware of the sector’s potential. After all, it’s owned by brands like Elle UK, Cosmo’s Kitchen, Red Ventures, and others. Moreover, the company is headed by Mikael Knapp, who has also been instrumental in creating successful lifestyle platforms such as Just Grillin’ and Big Daddy’s House.

A Place For Everyone

One of the significant differentiators of Backpage is the fact that it is a hybrid platform that allows users to post both on social media and in-house. More traditional social media channels like Twitter and Instagram are available for users to engage with other users and share content. But perhaps the most unique and innovative part of the site is the ability for its members to seamlessly post and engage with users on the platform, regardless of whether they are signed up under a fake account or a real one.

Whether you choose to engage with others on the platform using your real name or an alias, you can post both publicly and privately. Moreover, you can have complete ownership and control of the content that you post, ensuring that your voice and message are sent out to your exact audience. What’s more is that you can take advantage of the site’s advanced analytics to easily track the results of your online campaigns, optimizing your content and spend for optimal results.

A Place For Quality Content

Another interesting aspect of the site is the fact that Backpage only promotes content that it deems to be of good quality. As a result, you won’t find any truly bad or insulting content on the site. Therefore, users can have confidence in sharing their content with the world, knowing that the content they post will not disappoint. Moreover, by only promoting content that it deems to be of good quality, Backpage ensures that its users will only get the best content that the platform has to offer. Moreover, by only promoting content that it deems to be of good quality, Backpage can ensure that its users will only get the best content that the platform has to offer. Furthermore, by only promoting content that it deems to be of good quality, Backpage can ensure that its users will only get the best content that the platform has to offer. However, the platform does allow some adult content, which is mostly available through verified accounts.

Sexuality Is A Free And Open Topic

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the platform is the fact that it promotes a completely open and free-flowing discussion around sexuality. Just like other social media platforms, users can post and engage with each other around various topics, including sex and dating. Moreover, the content that is posted on the platform is entirely user-generated. As a result, you won’t find any pre-set community guidelines or policies that may limit what can and cannot be posted on the site. This level of openness and freedom is likely to attract a different audience, who may be more comfortable talking about sex and dating than other popular social media platforms.

The Future Of Influencer Marketing

Red Ventures isn’t the only company looking to add a digital lifestyle influencer component to its marketing mix; other notable platforms, such as TikTok, are also trying to cash in on the trend, putting the question: Will influencers become just another part of the content marketing mix?

Whether or not the industry continues to grow, one thing is for sure: the future of influencer marketing is here, and it’s better than ever. While traditional marketing models focused on reaching as many people as possible through as many platforms and channels as possible, the future of influencer marketing is about getting the right people, using the right platforms, and driving as many leads and sales as possible.

Backpage is the perfect example of a digital lifestyle influencer platform; it seamlessly melds celebrity, authenticity, and marketing, enabling users to connect with potential customers and make a lasting impression.

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